So, finally a home for my musings.

I’ve been looking for a place to harbor the things that roll around in my mind, and I finally the USB keyboard I ordered for my laptop to make all of this typing possible (I’m still getting used to the tiny keyboard).

I started this blog as to be able to have a (better) way to chronicle my events and happenings during my sophomore year in college. So, as with a collegiate student you’ll get to read everything that goes on at this party school, though the eyes of a freethinking mind.

That’s actually the biggest reason I’ve tried to enter the blogosphere once again. I decided that there weren’t enough freethinking, atheist/agnostic that dealt with a college campus…or at least they are hard to find.

As I sit here I have one week until I’m back in college, Moscow, Idaho to be exact. This morning I thought I was going to get a check from school today that would help me pay for rent and other things, but as I found out I wont be seeing those bucks for another week…

Man, there is just too much waiting in life.

Other than playing the waiting game I’m making lists and checking things twice, (don’t believe in Santa Claus kids) I didn’t think it would be this time consuming just to get an apartment ready, but alas, I’m checking the ads for everything i need. I found a blender for $15!! I bet that’ll make a good margarita. Mmmm.

That’s it for now, I’ll be posting something up if I find it interesting or relevant to anything I find amusing or humours.

Hasta luego amigios. (I’m part Spanish, I can say that)